Accu-Fork Tine-Guide forklift laser fits following fork lift trucks  Caterpillar, Yale, Hyster, Crown, Toyota, Nissan, Clark, Hitachi, Raymond, Allis Chalmers, Dresser, Fiat Allis, Case, Pettibone, Champ, Branson, Bobcat, Ausa, Fermec, Gehi, Volvo, Thomas, Yanmar, Vermeer, link belt, Agco, Harlo, Ramrod, Samsung,  Hyundai.


V-70 Standard Unit


This V-70 Tine-Guide is hard wired to the forklift battery.

V-70 is suitable for 12vdc systems up to 55vdc systems. 

Matching pigtails for connecting straight to forklift battery. 

Wires are oil and water resistant. 

Install and adjustment time under 10 minutes 

Comes in various sizes from class I to class IV



Equipped with a vibration sensor automatic shut off after 4 minutes.

Industry specific a dot or line laser, Laser - 635nm 5mW - brightest laser available.


The V-70 Tine-Guide unit is for those who prefer to have the laser unit hardwired straight to the forklift battery. 

Unit Color Red

Unit Class sizes:


        Class 1     2 x 1.5 x 14.5   Class 2     2 x 1.5 x 16

        Class 3     2 x 1.5 x 20.5   Class 4     2 x 1.5 x 27

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V-70 Ultra Tine-Guide unit is equipped with Ultra sensor technology, Ultra sonic sensor,

 turns on at 7ft. and turns off at 6 ft. Clamp for placement preferences. 

Forensic Engineers have studied the after effects of pallet rack failures and concluded


that most losses are caused by forklift damage, when loading and unloading pallets from the Pallet Rack.

The inability to determine correct fork placement, particularly above eye-level,

results in frequent Freight Damage and higher Accident Risks.

Incidents of pushing merchandise into the next aisle

 or pulling the load down onto the operator are virtually eliminated by the Tine-Guide.